Giving You What You Need

At Fisher CAC, we know how busy you are trying to balance your time while trying to contribute in the best way possible to your community. Instead of having to learn every task or read through each and every provision to understand the requirements of the governing documents, why not focus on what you do best and leave the rest to us? We have extensive experience working with Boards and management for all types and sizes of associations.  By allowing us to develop a plan and work with you, we can address the needs of your community while allowing you to manage your time efficiently.

Why Fisher CAC? Over the past several years, it became apparent that a gap exists within the industry and that the needs of associations, managers, owners and developers were not being satisfied. Community associations are not just a group of neighbors living in the same geographic location, but are businesses that must function with sound operations, proper governance and effective communication, while striving to maintain property values.

As community associations continue to multiply, and existing associations face new challenges daily, there is an increased need for board members to be properly advised, trained and educated on the scope of their obligations and duties. Further, board members need to understand how to proceed in a manner that best serves the needs of their community. Boards and management alike also need sound practical guidance and advice from an industry professional that is focused on their specific needs.  There are many instances where because of a lack of standardization of routine functions, associations are not operating as efficiently and seamlessly as they can. When these needs are not effectively met, operations suffer and associations may find that disputes arise. Often times these costly disputes could have been avoided with proper guidance and foresight.

We offer a number of different services to address these issues to assist on improving in a way that is needed. Such activities include providing advice, guidance and oversight of pending matters with the association’s management or other professionals; assisting in strategies for how to work with developers, management and employees; serving as liaison with vendors; assisting in development and planning for special projects or issues; drafting forms, preparing and standardizing documents; assisting with preparation and orderly running of meetings; training board members and management on best practices; as well as many other services.  We can even be available on an on-call basis to answer questions of management and Board members to assist with day to day issues that develop where insight from an experienced industry professional can provide advice you need, when you need it to navigate the tough issues. Based upon our extensive experience and knowledge of the industry, we can also provide guidance you need when it is time to seek engagement and selection of association counsel, management, accountants, insurance agents and other vendors.

Our time is primarily devoted as a business resource, consultant and strategist to those that volunteer, live and work in common ownership communities. We will work with you by offering services tailored to meet your needs. Such services compliment those functions already performed by management companies and can assist self-managed communities on improving their operations.  We will also serve and work as a liaison with legal counsel and your other professionals to ensure all the needs of the community are met.

Please review the detailed scope of services we offer for Association Boards, Management, Developers and Owners on our Services Page.