Fisher CAC offers a number of services specifically tailored to meet the needs of Businesses, Community Associations, Management Companies, Developers, and Owners. Below is a summary list of services that we provide to our clients. As organizations have var­ying needs, the list below provides many examples of what we are often called upon to do, but because we work to personalize our services to meet your specific needs, and we are available to discuss what you need and how we can serve you.

association consulting service

Provide general advice, guidance, strategy and support to Board & Management regarding operations & governance. Provide training and education for Boards, Committees, Property Managers & Members. Provide advice on and prepare Condominium FHA Certification/Re-certification to HUD Procedures & Rules… More


Provide general consulting services and advice to property management companies. Train and educate new and veteran employees regarding association governing documents and issues effecting the community associations you serve… More

Business Consulting 

    • Identify and advise on implementing marketing, software and business resource strategies to optimize performance and improve operations
    • Advise on issues related to governance, compliance, conflict resolution, operations, budgeting, technology, human resources, employee hiring and retention, and strategic planning
    • Perform audit of procedures and operations
    • Serve as liaison for clients with their legal counsel, engineers, insurance representatives, claims adjusters, accountants, and other professionals
    • Evaluate and advise for-profit and non-profit organizations on risk management, insurance and contract matters
    • Work to assess strategy for increasing growth through implementation of efficiencies to increase the bottom line
    • Advise on improving your business model and recruitment of new employees

Developer Consulting 

    • Advise on the proper procedures to organize and establish the member run association. Such activities included proper notice and establishment of the first organizational meeting and election, review of the role of the developer and membership organization and preparing rules and procedures for the organization.
    • Assist and guide you through transition (turnover)
    • Advise on the establishment of interim board of director and committees for communities
    • Train board and committee members
    • Advise board members on operation and governance issues
    • Assist in ensuring proper procedures and implementation for competitive bidding for business partners that meets your obligations
    • Advise on managerial, administrative, and parliamentary issues
    • Serve as liaison with your transactional attorney to assure legal documents are easy to understand, fit the needs of the specific community, and practical to implement
    • Draft initial association rules, regulations, guidelines and policies
    • Assist and provide advice on the sales and marketing plan to maximize the community exposure to establish and build buyer loyalty and referrals

Owner Services

    • Work with owners on new construction plan submittal to the association for approval

    • Evaluate, explain and assist with the approval process required by the association and help facilitate resolution of issues for approval of exterior modifications
    • Support owners in responding to notices of violations from the association and help to support resolution of disputes
    • Provide education and training on association living
    • Perform mediation and dispute resolution for disputes with the association, neighbors, or builder