Providing Services You Need

Specifically Tailored Consulting

At FisherCAC, we know how busy you are trying to balance your time while trying to contribute in the best way possible to your community. Instead of having to learn every task or read through each and every provision to understand the requirements of the governing documents, why not focus on what you do best and leave the rest to us? We have extensive experience working with Boards and management of all types of associations.  By allowing us to develop a plan and work with you we can address the needs of your community while allowing you to manage your time efficiently.

As an industry professional, I have spent countless hours working with community boards, managers, owners and developers to advise them on the best practices for governing and operating from a business perspective. My strengths in these areas have become a valuable resource for my clients, and I have identified a way to offer these services in a more economically prudent way while also enhancing the level of personalized services. Our experience allows us to offer unique and flexible consulting services that can be tailored to fit the needs of your association.

Our services provide fee structures that allow associations to operate within a budget and have reasonable expectations of the costs of such services, while still receiving the guidance and advice you need when you need it.  While combining the use of my consulting services with use of your legal and other professionals, it will serve your best interests in a budget conscious manner.  In essence, by using my services in the most prudent way and only using your other professionals when truly needed, you will likely realize a benefit and savings.

We know all associations have varying needs and we are able to develop creative fee structures designed for you.  This non-traditional fee structuring is a unique characteristic that separates us from the traditional hourly rates charged by others.

Flat Fees

Using the flat fee structure, you pay for specific services you choose like a menu at a restaurant. Examples of such services include preparation of meeting notices, drafting of forms, performing property inspections, preparation of violation and hearing notices; conducting violation hearings; running meetings with your membership; preparation of rules and regulations or drafting revisions to existing rules and policies.

Monthly Retainer

Our fixed monthly retainer fee plan allows associations, management or developers to pay a set monthly fee to have our consultants available to respond when you need it most. This also allows you to budget our services so you know upfront how to account for the costs associated with using our services. Such retainer fees are also tailored based upon the services you desire and is tied to the type and size of your community..

Hourly Fee

If you prefer a traditional consulting fee arrangement, we offer reasonable hourly fees as part of our consulting services. Such fee structure can also be combined with either the flat fee or monthly retainer services depending on what you need.
If you have a specific need that is not mentioned in our fee structure list, please let us know, so we can tailor a fee structure designed specifically for your association.

The Right Fee Structure To Meet Your Needs. Every Time.